How to Make a Floating Teacup

How to Make a Floating Teacup | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Jessica's workshop via Youtube


Do you have old cups you no longer use? If you do, I have a fun project for you! Instead of letting them collect dust in your storage, why don’t you make them into these beautiful floating tea cups? I got this wonderful idea from Jessica’s workshop when I was scrolling YouTube. You can use them as decorations inside your house or even in your garden.


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These floating teacups are very easy and fast to make. What I love most about this project is that you can customize it however you like. You can choose your favorite flowers, cups, and plates and pick your color of choice. When you recreate this at home, make sure that you arrange the flowers in a manner where the flowers look like cascading water to get that same look as the photo above.

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DIY Floating Tea Cup Materials

  • metal fork
  • cup
  • plate
  • plastic flowers
  • hot glue
  • gorilla glue/epoxy
  • plastic leaves

How to Make a Floating Tea Cup With Cascading Flowers

Step 1:

Start by bending the tines of a fork and the end of the fork about 1/4 of the handle. You can use the edge of the table to bend it.

Step 2:

Place the bent fork in the center of the plate with the tines down. Add gorilla glue to the bottom tines, then cover it with hot glue.

DIY Floating Tea Cup Materials
Image by Jessica’s workshop via Youtube

Step 3:

Add gorilla glue and hot glue to the inside edge of the cup opposite to the handle. Fill it with hot glue to secure. Let it dry completely.

Step 4:

Cover the fork by gluing artificial leaves. Make sure to cover the back too. Arrange it in a manner that it looks overflowing. Next, glue your flowers.

DIY Floating Tea Cup Materials (1)
Image by Jessica’s workshop via Youtube

How to Make a Floating Tea Cup

How To Make A Floating Teacup

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