Denim Pocket Placemats Made From Old Jeans

Denim Pocket Placemats Made From Old Jeans | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Looking for some cool denim crafts or just have some old jeans you are not sure what to do with? Old jeans should never be thrown out, at least in my opinion. I’ve turned my no longer needed denim jeans into all sorts of cute crafts and DIY ideas for my home, but I think I just discovered my favorite of all time.

The Ultimate DIY Farmhouse Decor Idea

I made a set of these no-sew pocket placemats from my old jeans and just love them so much. They add a unique charm to the most basic table setting or even picnic. Each placemat has a different pocket, which is really cute. Some of my top-rated projects are those I’ve never seen in stores before, and this definitely qualifies as one. Did I mention it requires no sewing? You just need some scissors, fabric glue, clips, and a ruler – that’s it! This is my favorite country craft ever. If you are looking for some unique DIY farmhouse decor ideas, look no further. Pretty sure you could make some serious money on Etsy, too. If you are looking for some inexpensive but awesome crafts to make and sell, add this one to your list! Inexpensive, original and sure to impress.


Grab those old Levi’s, Wranglers, Lees or other old jeans and get ready to make something awesome. If you don’t have enough old jeans laying around, Goodwill or your local thrift store should be able to hook you up. I picked up several pairs of old men’s jeans for less than $10.

Be sure to watch the YouTube video  to see exactly how I make these DIY placemats made from old jeans.

I just loved these Wranglers and wore them for more years than I can remember. Instead of throwing out my old jeans, I turned them into this adorable placemat.

This is the perfect way to set the table for a casual but chic look, especially if you are trying to tie in your farmhouse decor or add some country flair.

You can turn you Levi’s. Wranglers, fancy designer jeans, pretty much any jeans with pockets into these DIY placemats. I think a combination of washes and brands with different pockets work so well together, don’t you think?

Here’s how to make them:

Craft Supplies You Need:

  • old jeans, non stretch denim is best
  • fabric glue
  • clothespins or sewing clips
  • scissors

DIY Denim Placemat Tutorial

Gather jeans

Gather an old pair of large jeans or several pairs to make a set of placemats. Each pair of jeans can make two mats if you use both pockets and both legs. You need denim without a stretch to it, as it works really well for this project. So use vintage denim, which is also now the new denim that has become popular again. Large women’s or mens jeans are going to be your best bet. Wash them all so they will be ready to become placemats.

Cut leg at outside seam

For each mat you want to make, you will cut the outside seam of the jeans. Use scissors and cut from the bottom up toward the pocket. You only need cut up to about 2 feet, but allow for extra.

Cut Jeans to Make Cheap DIY Home Decor Ideas - Jeans Pocket Placemats

Cut leg off at 22 inches

Cut at about 22 inches (you will trim to exact size in next step)

Flatten out and trim to 14×19

Now, flatten out the piece of denim you’ve cut. Then, measure 14 inches by 19 inches and trim fabric to this size.

Cut out pocket of jeans

Cut around the pocket, staying as close to the seam as you can without cutting into the pocket itself. Trim around the edges, leaving just a small border. This will be the pocket of your mat.

Cool Things to Make From Old Jeans

Make ¼ inch fold at all edges and iron

With the 14 x 19 inch piece you cut, you will now fold the edges at 1/4 inch. Use a ruler and a pencil to mark before you fold. Fold toward the inside of the jeans so that the darker fabric on the outside will be the front of your mat. Iron to make everything flat, both the mat and the seam you folded.

No Sewing Crafts Ideas That Are Cheap to Make - Inexpensive DIY Gift Ideas - Denim Placemats With Pocket

Add fabric glue at folded seams

Use fabric glue and go along the 1/4 inch folds, adding glue to both sides.

No Sew Crafts from Old Jeans - DIY Denim Placemats

Clamp edges with clips

Use clips to secure the glued edges while they dry. You may use sewing clips, binder clips, paper clips, whatever clips you have on hand. Allow to dry for about an hour. Each fabric glue is different, so just check and make sure the glue is dry before you move to the next step.

How to Use Fabric Glue to Make Seams Look Nice on No Sew Projects - Use and Iron to Flatten and Add Clips to Hold In Place While Drying

Glue pocket onto mat

Turn the mat over so you have the darker outside of your denim face up. Place the cut out jeans pocket toward the right lower corner and it the front side of the placemat.

Allow to dry

Once the glue is dry on the pocket, your placemat is ready. Serve away!

Cute Farmhouse Decor Ideas to Make For Yourself or For Cheap DIY Gifts

I suggest you make a set of these, of course. These always turn out cute and having a variety of them made from various pairs of jeans will definitely add to their charm.

These make adorable gifts for the person who has everything, too. I bet they don’t have these, at least not yet. I made 20 of these for Christmas and now have all sorts of people wanting them. I am not really sure I want to make that many, so I decided to write a tutorial to show everyone how to make DIY denim placemats, instead.

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