DIY Terra-Cotta Bird Feeder

DIY Terra-Cotta Bird Feeder | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Garden Gate Magazine via YouTube


I have been loving all of the bird feeders I have seen lately. They are just creative and fun to make, just like this DIY Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder and this DIY Teacup Bird Feeder. Anyone can make one at home, as the instructions are easy to follow. If you have a ton of plastic, choose the first one, and if you have some spare teacups you haven’t used for years, choose the second one. If you already know the first two projects, then I have a new project for you. This is called the DIY terra-cotta bird feeder and it is a wonderful idea by Garden Gate Magazine.


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As the name suggests, you will be using terra cotta pots. Nope, they are not only for planting. You can actually make a ton of things with them, like this fountain. You just need to be creative! Making this bird feeder only requires a few minutes of your time, but make sure you soak the terra cotta overnight before starting. The finished project shows that the bigger saucer is on the bottom, but be sure to switch it with the smaller one when you make this DIY bird feeder at home.

DIY Bird Feeder Using Terra Cotta Pots Materials

  • terra cotta orchid pot
  • 2 terra cotta saucers (in two different sizes)
  • masking tape
  • container
  • water
  • E600
  • drill
  • 12-inch threaded rod
  • nut
  • washers
  • bolt and nuts
  • decorative finial
  • wing nut
  • coupling nut
  • eye bolt
  • marker

Note: make sure the smaller saucer is bigger than the pot

How to Make a Bird Feeder Using Terracotta Pots

Step 1:

Start by soaking the saucers overnight. This will keep the drill bits cool while drilling.

Step 2:

Mark the center of each saucer and place a piece of masking tape over the spot to help prevent cracking when you drill.

Step 3:

Drill holes in both saucers.

Step 4:

Place the smaller saucer right side up. Apply an epoxy adhesive to the bottom of the orchid pot and glue to the center of the smaller saucer, lining up the holes.

DIY Bird Feeder Using Terra Cotta Pots Materials
Image by Garden Gate Magazine via YouTube

Step 5:

Work the lock nut almost to the bottom of the 12-inch threaded rod but don’t go too far. Add a washer and insert the threaded rod through the terracotta pot and saucer. Next, add a washer and decorative finial to the end. Tighten the lock nut, so it is resting on top of the finial.

How to Make a Bird Feeder Using Terracotta Pots
Image by Garden Gate Magazine via YouTube

Step 6:

Invert the other saucer and place it upside down on the feeder. Add a washer and wingnut. Tighten the wing nut to the roof of the bird feeder.

Step 7:

Add a coupling nut and secure it halfway to the end of threaded rod. Screw an eye bolt into the end of the coupling so you can hang the feeder. Hang it from a branch, bracket, or pole.

DIY Terra-Cotta Bird Feeder

terra cotta bird feeder DIY tutorial

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