10 Useful Tricks With Clothes Hangers

10 Useful Tricks With Clothes Hangers | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Linda Home via YouTube


Who would have thought hangers have some other uses aside from hanging clothes? Don’t know what are these? Watch this video from Linda Home! These amazing tricks with hangers are so clever, they will make your life better and easier. 


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From assembling a plant holder to making a book stand, you’ll surely pick up a few tricks you’ll apply in your household. Check them out by watching the video below!


Take the pull tabs whenever you drink soda in a can and put them on the metal head of your hanger. With these, you can hang multiple hangers together and save space in your closet.

Attaching some soda can pull tabs on the hangers
Image credits: Linda Home via YouTube


Open your cookbook, hang it using a hanger, and put it in your kitchen so you can follow recipes more easily.


Grab a wire hanger and pull it outwards, shaping the body as a plant holder. Once done, take it outside, place a plant, and hang it in your garden.


Grab a hanger and attach some shower curtain rings onto it. Use this to hang multiple scarves or hats to make your closet organized.


Put rubber bands on each side of a hanger so when you hang clothes, they won’t slip.


Add some hot glue drops on a hanger, let it dry, and then use it to hang smaller clothes that won’t fit on large hangers.


When hanging pants, hang one leg first till it touches the waistband, fold it, then hang the other leg over. This way, your pants won’t fall off.


Grab a wire hanger, shape the body into a circle, then wrap it with some ribbon. Use this to hang your kitchen towel.


Fold your sweater vertically, place the hanger in the center, then fold over the sleeves first, then the lower bottom. This way, you can hang your sweater without damaging it.


Grab a wire hanger, fold the two sides inwards, forming an “A”, then bend the two ends. Twist the hang to the center, shape it into a circle, and then pull the hang bar under it. Use this as a book stand.

Making a book stand using a wire hanger
Image credits: Linda Home via YouTube

10 Useful Tricks With Clothes Hangers

10 Useful Tricks With Clothes Hangers

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