DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

DIY Teacup Bird Feeder | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Redman Media via YouTube


Do you love birds and want to attract them into your home? If you do, this project is for you. Installing this DIY teacup bird feeder on your tree will surely bring in a lot of birds. There is nothing better than hearing birds chip on a sunny morning while drinking coffee. It is the most relaxing feeling ever. It is one of the things that I look forward to every day!


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That is why I love this project so much. It looks like it is straight out of a Cinderella movie. It is very easy to make and will only take you a couple of minutes. If you have saucers, bowls, or teacups at home that you no longer use, take them out of the closet and transform them into this adorable bird feeder. Learn how to make them at home with this DIY tutorial by Redman Media.

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Easy DIY Teacup Birdfeeder

  • old bowl and side plate Or an old teacup and saucer
  • 0.315 in eyebolt
  • 0.157 in by 0.315 in washers and nuts
  • drill
  • tile drill bolt
  • spanner
  • pliers
  • measuring tape
  • marker
  • masking tape
  • flat wood scrap


How to Make a Teacup Birdfeeder

Step 1:

Find the center of your saucer and bowl, and mark them using a pen.

Step 2:

Place a small piece of masking tape over the mark. The masking tape will stop the tile drill bit from sliding while drilling into a ceramic surface. Do it for both the saucer and bowl.

Easy DIY Teacup Birdfeeder
Image by Redman Media via YouTube

Step 3:

Place the saucer on top the wood scrap and drill the hole using the drill bit. Make sure to do it slowly. Do not use the hammer function on your drill. Repeat with the bowl.

Step 4:

Take the eyebolt and attach the nut. Screw it all the way through the top, then add the washer. Place your saucer with the right side down. Add another washer and nut. Secure it in place using pliers.

How to Make a Teacup Birdfeeder
Image by Redman Media via YouTube

Step 5:

Put another nut, washer, then the bowl (facing right side up). Do not tighten it yet. Place your next washer and secure with the nut. Now is the time to secure the nut on top of the bowl.


DIY Teacup Bird feeder

DIY Teacup bird feeder

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