Make A Cement Pot Using A Laundry Basket For A Mold

Make A Cement Pot Using A Laundry Basket For A Mold | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Plants have become a favorite hobby by many people with the resurgence of the Seventies boho movement. What has equally exploded as a new hobby is making planters for all those plants and there is nothing cooler than handmade items to add to your bohemian gypsy garden vibe. I was surfing Youtube looking for a cool planter idea and I came across this gorgeous panter idea by Shantanu Singh who has an amazing channel full of great ideas. This one idea in particular that struck my fancy was a planter made fro cement and cast in an old laundry basket. Sounds kind of odd perhaps but the result is nothing short of amazing, I can assure you. You actually oil the inside of the laundry basket as if you are making a cake, then you cover the entire outside with packing tape so the cement does not leak out. After you cast your cement you will need to wait at least twenty-four hours before you remove the cement, but when you finally do remove it, that’s when the real fun begins and you start decorating the gorgeous cement planter.



  • Concrete
  • Oil of your choice (cooking oil works well for this project)
  • A laundry basket
  • Packing tape
  • Paint


In the video, you will learn how to prep your planter for receiving the cement by oiling it and taping the outside so the cement is contained and no seeping through the sides occurs.

Make a cement planter on a laundry basket mold

Then you will pour the cement into the laundry basket and carefully smooth the edges. Then after 24 hours, you will release the cement from the mold and decorate.

Boho handmade cement planter using a laundry basket

This planter looks amazing when you finish it and the shape will differ depending on what kind of laundry basket you use.

Make A Cement Pot Using A Laundry Basket For A Mold

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