$40 Tiered DIY Planter Box

$40 Tiered DIY Planter Box | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Here’s an incredible-looking but inexpensive DIY planter box that can be made for under $40 with only basic materials and tools. However, it looks like a very high end planter, as it has two tiers and dividers for all of your growing needs, whether you want to plant an herb garden, vegetables, flowers or a mix of your favorite plants.


If you’ve been looking for DIY planter box ideas, look no further than this one. My gardening just got a lot more enjoyable after I spent an hour building this with the help of Sawyer, who is only 8 years old. If a kid can build it, I bet you can, too! This design is really great looking but its simplicity makes it easy for even beginning woodworkers to get right. All you need are five 2×6 boards, a drill, a saw and some screws.

Add A Budget-Friendly Garden to Your Outdoor Space with This DIY Two-Tiered Planter Box

Are you dreaming of a lush, thriving garden but limited on outdoor space or funds? Look no further than this ingenious DIY two-tiered planter box project! Not only is it incredibly easy to build (seriously, even an 8-year-old can do it!), but it also costs $40 or less in materials.

With just five 2×6 boards, a saw, and some screws, you’ll be well on your way to creating a stunning and practical two-tiered planter that’s perfect for patios, balconies, or small yards. And the best part? We’ve got a step-by-step video tutorial to guide you through the entire process.

Imagine the satisfaction of watching your very own custom planter come to life right before your eyes. You’ll not only have a beautiful and functional addition to your outdoor oasis but also the pride of knowing that you built it yourself (or with a little help from a pint-sized assistant!).

The clever two-tier design offers ample room for all your favorite plants, herbs, and flowers. You can separate your sun-loving blooms from your shade-loving greenery or create a vibrant mix of colors and textures – the gardening possibilities are endless! Plus, the raised design puts everything within easy reach, making tending to your plants a total breeze.

Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a budding gardener, this DIY two-tiered planter box is sure to become a beloved part of your outdoor sanctuary. Just imagine the joy of watching your plants flourish and thrive in their stylish new home.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab those 2×6 boards, dust off your saw, and hit play on our step-by-step video tutorial. With a little guidance from our pint-sized pro, you’ll be well on your way to creating an affordable and practical two-tiered planter that will elevate your outdoor space and ignite your gardening passion.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves, let your green thumb shine, and enjoy the beauty of this easy DIY project for years to come!



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