She Sews Fabrics Together And Makes An Item That Grows When You Need Space!

She Sews Fabrics Together And Makes An Item That Grows When You Need Space! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is an item we all need. I know I did, but since I’ve made one for myself, I’ve really enjoyed the fact that this clever item actually grows when I need more space! This is a brilliant idea and has actually saved me from having to purchase an extra one!


Do you ever get to the store and wish you had another tote bag? I used to, but not anymore…not after making this awesome tote bag that expands when I need it to. I know, sounds kind of hokey doesn’t it? Well, trust me, it’s not!

Ever since the grocery stores, in Texas, stopped giving out free bags I have been having a hard time gaging how many bags I need, and inevitably I always ended up needing another bag. So frustrating! Then I would have to buy another bag and they would pile up in the trunk of my car!

This is such a spacious bag that I rarely need another bag, after making this one. It is so great and I highly recommend that you make one of these…they’re life savers! These not only work for groceries, but they are great for taking to the beach, carrying all of a baby’s needs, sewing necessities to take to a sewing club and other great uses.

Laura Coia does it again. I just love all of her sewing projects and her tutorials are very thorough and easy to follow, unlike many of them that I’ve watched online. Watch how she makes this great tote bag in her step by step tutorial.



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