How to Pick the Sweetest Watermelon Every Single Time

How to Pick the Sweetest Watermelon Every Single Time | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Many people have trouble picking the best watermelon when buying from the store because you’ll never know easily unless you see the flesh inside of the fruit. Luckily, there are a lot of other ways to find out whether the watermelon has ripened nicely without having to cut it up or see the flesh first with the help of this video tutorial by Natural Ways on YouTube.



  • Lift a Few
  • Look for the Field Spot
  • Inspect the Color
  • Say No to Stem
  • Selecting Pre-Cut Watermelons


#1: Lift a Few

The heavier the watermelon, the better, so choose one that weighs heavier for its size. This is because a heavy watermelon indicated that it is full of water and therefore already nice and ripe. This is also the same case with most fruits or vegetables.

#2: Look for the Field Spot

Find the creamy yellow spot located on the underside of a watermelon as this is where the melon sat on the ground and ripened in the sun which means that the darker the color the better. If the field spot is white or nonexistent, then it might be because the fruit was picked too soon and is therefore unripe.

Easy Ripe Watermelon Picking Tips and Hacks
Image credit: Natural Ways via YouTube


#3: Inspect the Color

If you think that a shiny watermelon is the perfect one to choose from, then you’re wrong because a ripe watermelon should be dark green in color and dull in appearance. Otherwise, a shiny watermelon means that it is not ripe enough.

#4: Say No to Stem

Look for watermelons with a slightly indented end because this indicates that the fruit ripened and came off the vine on its own. Watermelons that still have stems on them usually mean that they didn’t come off the vine easily and are therefore not ripe yet.

#5: Selecting Pre-Cut Watermelons

When purchasing pre-cut watermelons, make sure to choose those that have bright red flesh and dark brown or black seeds. Do not pick those with white streaks or white seeds, or flesh that looks dry, mealy, or is separating from the seeds.

Easy Way to Pick Ripe Watermelon
Image credit: Natural Ways via YouTube


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How to Pick the Sweetest Watermelon Every Single Time

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