Watch How She Makes This Super Cool Zippered Box Pouch!

Watch How She Makes This Super Cool Zippered Box Pouch! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

How insanely fabulous is this pouch? Melanie Ham shows us a super easy way to make this awesome zippered box pouches that come in handy for so many things!


Who doesn’t love a zippered box pouch. They have so many practical uses. This is a great sewing project to help us become familiar with skills necessary for sewing handbags and other accessories, while working with zippers and hardware to create a quick sewing project that is perfect for travel, makeup or gifting!  Now you can create professional looking travel accessories!

These DIY makeup bags have forced me to get my makeup organization under control and I love have the opportunity to customize patterns and color combos with all of the fabulous fabrics that are on the market today!

This quick makeup bag (approx. 10 minutes) is an easy sewing project for beginners. You don’t have to be an expert to make this zippered pouch. I’ve made these a couple times and have learned that in addition to the tutorial being a great sewing lesson, they also make great DIY gifts for your female friends and family. Teenage girls love these too!

Follow this easy step by step sewing tutorial by Melanie Ham to make your own DIY makeup bag in minutes!


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