She Shares 5 Incredible Valentine Decor Ideas (Check It Out!)

She Shares 5 Incredible Valentine Decor Ideas (Check It Out!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

It is about that time to start thinking about Valentine’s day decorations. We all want to spend this holiday with our dearest and that’s why we need to make it special and unforgettable. Brooklyn and Bailey present you various DIY ideas in their tutorial for the Valenitne’s day decor, all of them are unique and beautiful. I hope that you will like them and use some of them.


The first project they do is a stunning sequin heart valentine box and they use a paper mache box, red sequins, paintbrush, a thimble, red metallic paint and pins. They bought all of these supplies at Hobby Lobby.

Then they do a 3D heart wall! You’ll print out the hearts (which they’ve included in a link in the description box below). You’ll need some mounting tabs, a glue gun and scissors.

Next they make adorable hearts garland. You’ll need 3 different types of Valentine Day paper, a 2 inch heart punch out (or you can manually cut the hearts out), hot glue, tape, some string or twine. After cutting out the hearts you will attach them to the twin with the hot glue gun. You will add a front and back heart to each section, so when you flip it around you will see the hearts on both sides.

Then they make use a paper slicer a stapler and some red card stock. Slide the card stock in the paper slicer and cut strips. Then you take four of the strips you have cut (the same size) and staple them together at the bottom. Take the two outer pieces and fold them over into a heart shape and staple the bottom again (being careful not to bend the loops of the heart). To continue your chain, just take two more pieces of paper, put them on the outside of your heart, staple the heart again. Fold them over and staple at the bottom of that heart.

The next project they use some long stem roses and Valentines M&M’s, a big jar and a smaller vase. Pour the M&M’s into the big jar (you may need 2-3 bags of M&M’s), after filling the small vase with water, slide that into the middle of the big jar and M&M’s. Then take your roses and put them into the vase and viola, you’re done!

Watch how Brooklyn and Bailey does this in their step by step tutorial so you can make your home decor festive for Valentine’s Day!


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