DIY Mouse Trap Uses Peanut Butter, Then Lands Them In A Bucket of Water

DIY Mouse Trap Uses Peanut Butter, Then Lands Them In A Bucket of Water | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit : Youtube Via Shawn Woods channel


Wow. I’ve seen lots of cool DIY things over the past few years, but this one truly takes the cake. If you are the inventive sort who loves to find DIY solutions to all of life’s little problems, you’ll love this one if you also happen to have a rat problem. This Youtube video I just found has over 22 million views because it is simply an amazing solution for even a very large rat problem. He caught 11 in his garage in only one night. The video even shows the mice crossing the spinning tube and falling in the water to drown.

How to Catch Rats and Mice With Peanut Butter Covered Pole, A Bucket or Can and Water - Viral YouTube Tutorial Video
DIY Rat Trap Drowns Mice In Water – 11 caught in one night! Image credit via Shawn Woods YouTube

The project is super simple to build, too. You simply make two wooden ramps to go up to a Home Depot style bucket, then attach a spinning rod so that it sits inside the top of the bucket. Add some peanut butter to the spinning tube, since that is what will attract the rats and mice to the trap. Then, set it up at night, since most of those little rodents are going to be nocturnal. I highly recommend setting up a camera, too. Once you watch this video and see the rats fall in the water one after one, you are definitely going to want to try this one out.


Bucket and Peanut Butter Make a DIY Rat Trap That Drowns Rodents in Water - Youtube Video Tutorial for DIY Rat Trap
Watch the video to see the rats climb the ramp and fall into the water. Image credit: Shawn Woods via YouTube

I guess it is no surprise this YouTube creator Shawn Woods has the best mouse trap out there. His channel is pretty much dedicated to building the perfect trap for mice. If you want to spend more time checking out the coolest ways to catch critters, I think I just found your next favorite channel. He has 3D printed versions, a cool quicksand mouse trap, some snap traps, and then some other critter-catching vids to watch.

Personally, I’ve been on my own quest to rid my home and yard of mice, too. Check out the other videos and tutorials I’ve found to get rid of mice and rats quickly and safely. Learn how to get rid of mice with Vicks Vaporub, how to kill rats with toothpaste and how to repel rodents with ginger , baby oil, and even Irish Spring soap.

Image credits: Youtube channel Shawn Woods


DIY Mouse Trap -How to Catch Mice and Rats With Peanut Butter

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