They Make A Lace Privacy Window And What They Do Is So Clever!

They Make A Lace Privacy Window And What They Do Is So Clever! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you’ve got a window in your home that is screaming for privacy, this is a brilliant solution for that problem! It’s incredibly easy too!


Usually the window that we really need some privacy is a bathroom window. You could pay a lot of money for special glass that is made specifically for this, but this DIY lace project is probably the most inexpensive way to do it and definitely the most stunning. It takes you less than 15 minutes to do this and the majority of us already have cornstarch!

Basic Girls Guide/Coral TV says that all you need is three items: water, corn starch and a piece of lace. Many people make screen by putting the lace on a frame, and you have that option, although the cornstarch provides more privacy, making it less transparent. Also, why do that when all you have to do is affix it to the window with cornstarch and water?

It really can be a bummer to have to shut the blinds and curtains just to get a little privacy, especially if you live in the city. When the weather is great and the sun is shining, all you want to do is open up the windows to enjoy it a little bit. If you’re tired of your heavy curtains blocking out the entire natural light just because you really need the privacy, this project is perfect for you.

Not only does the natural sunlight aid you by increasing your mood, it will also reduce your energy costs simply by using the light that’s already outside. Plus, you will still have privacy you desire.

Watch how these gals do this in their step by step tutorial…easiest DIY project ever!




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