She Makes A Super Cool Hot Air Balloon Ornament Out Of A Light Bulb (Watch!)

She Makes A Super Cool Hot Air Balloon Ornament Out Of A Light Bulb (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Whatever you do, don’t throw about those used light bulbs! There’s so many cool DIY projects you can make with them and this is just one fabulous example!

Don’t you just love the cleverness of this light bulb ornament? I think it’s amazing and have already made a few of them for my tree and to give away as gifts to my friends.


Those of you who like crafting are always thinking of new and creative ideas. Around Christmas it seems that creativity levels are higher because it’s a super special time that everybody gets excited about! Imagine what you can do with your hands besides buying ready made decorations. It’s much more enjoyable to know that you’ve created each item by yourself.

Just imagine taking seemingly useless items and turning it into a work of art!  So start collecting those light bulbs. Painting light bulbs is not a complicated task and it’s something fun you can do with your kids too!

For those of you who feel less artistic, you can spray paint light bulbs or make them sparkly by gluing glitter powder on them. They shine and sparkle on your tree with the lights…stunning!

People paint Santas, Snowmen, and all kinds of festive designs on light bulbs!

Watch how the Classy Cheapskate makes this hot air balloon ornament in her step by step tutorial and get busy painting those light bulbs!


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