DIY Christmas Decor Idea: Big Gingerbread Men

DIY Christmas Decor Idea: Big Gingerbread Men | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Isaac Alexander DIY via YouTube


We’ve seen and heard about miniature projects for Christmas décor, they are cute and quite the space savers. But, wait till you see this DIY idea from Isaac Alexander DIY, this giant gingerbread man will surely impress and surprise those who will see it, especially the kids. It’s adorable and almost lifelike with its height, you can use or repurpose existing ornaments to design it if you wanted to keep the costs low, it’s also pretty easy to do so you can make more than one if you’d like.



  • 4x8ft (2″ thick) Insulation foam board
  • ½ inch Twisted cotton rope
  • Candy ornaments
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Clear plastic fillable ball ornament
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Brown paint
  • 3-4ft PVC pipe


Step 1

Trace the gingerbread man pattern on the foam board then cut out with a jigsaw. Paint it with brown about 2 coats at the front and 1 coat at the back. Leave it to dry until overnight. Line the twisted cotton rope around the edges of the gingerbread man’s body and secure it with hot glue.


Step 2

Open the acrylic ball and spray paint the interior with white, let it dry then cut the tips of the balls. Cut a piece of pool noodle the size of the acrylic ball, glue it inside before gluing it in the gingerbread man’s face. Use fake candy ornaments to form its smile and other candy ornaments for the buttons.

How to make giant gingerbread man easy and cheap
Image Credit: Isaac Alexander DIY via YouTube

Step 3

To add details to the gingerbread man’s legs and arms, use the remaining twisted rope to create little waves on the lower middle part of the legs and arms. Attach a PVC pipe at the back before applying spray foam underneath and on the sides. Paint the dried spray foam the same color as the gingerbread man’s body.

Easy and cheap DIY gingerbread man Christmas decor
Image Credit: Isaac Alexander DIY via YouTube


*Thanks to Isaac Alexander DIY on YouTube for these adorable gingerbread man images. Follow him for more tutorials like this.

DIY Christmas Décor Idea: Big Gingerbread Men

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