Crocheted Tulle Dish Scrubby

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Make this fun dish scrubby for friends and family out of tulle, all you need is a roll of tulle and a crochet hook! The instructions are super simple and easy in this Youtube tutorial I found. These are a nice project to start making ahead to have on hand to give as Christmas gifts, and they are practical but really cool.


I recently noticed every time I bought a new dish scrubber from the grocery store that the selection was so limited and when I bought the mainstay, the green with a yellow sponged attached they went smelly so quickly. Well,  I need a scrubby that would hold soap and also scour a pan, if I want a sponge, I’ll buy a sponge separately. I see no logical reason why these two items need to be merged into one product. I know there is a grocery store product you can buy individually, which is basically the green scouring part of the yellow and green sponge nightmare, however, those do not hold soap as you are doing your dishes and after a small number of uses they flatten out into a dense piece of something completely useless that has to be thrown out. Same for the bath scrubbers and even body scrubbers.

What I discovered with these crocheted scrubbies was a complete user-friendly, sanitary, effective, easy to clean and maintain option for tasks we all don’t need to struggle with. Did I mention how cute they are in a kitchen? These DIY Crocheted Tulle Dish Scrubbies look excellent in any kitchen environment, whether you have a cozy country look or upscale modern austere looking kitchen. I hope you will try the Crochet Tulle Scrubby, I know you will love it as much as I do.

How to Crochet Dish Scrubbers From Tulle

How to Make A Dish Scrubby From Tulle - DIY Gifts to Make For Her, Kitchen Decor on A Budget

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