Turn a Plastic Pot Into an Expensive Looking Cement Pot

Turn a Plastic Pot Into an Expensive Looking Cement Pot | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by DIY with Lucy via YouTube


Do you love cement pots but find them expensive? If you do, check out this awesome idea by DIY with Lucy. You can turn a plastic pot into an expensive looking cement pot with just a few materials. These kinds of pots are gaining popularity in gardens, as they have these beautiful rough texture that looks so natural. They are also durable compared to plastic pots.


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Cement pots can vary in price depending on the size that you get and are really heavy. This DIY version is not as heavy as the original ones, but it is better to use them for plants that you are not planning to move. It is easy to make and only uses inexpensive materials. Plus, you can also customize it however you like.

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DIY Cement Pot Materials

  • cement
  • water
  • plastic pot
  • cloth
  • sand
  • container
  • trowel
  • gloves
  • primer
  • brush
  • dark grey concrete paint
  • white concrete paint
  • sponge

How to Make a Cement Pot

Step 1:

Cut the cloth into strips. The width of each strip must correspond to the pot bottom diameter, and it should be long enough to cover both sides.

Step 2:

Wear gloves. Mix sand, cement, and water until your form a paste. Cover your table or working surface with plastic or newspapers.

Step 3:

Submerge one strip onto the mixture until it’s all coated, then lay it flat on the table. Place the pot on the middle, then fold the ends over the edge on the top. Make sure to flatten it out. Repeat with the other strips until the whole pot is covered. You can overlap them.

DIY Cement Pot Materials
Image by DIY with Lucy via YouTube

Step 4:

Flatten the strips evenly until smooth. Let it dry well.

Step 5:

Wear gloves. Make a new batch of the cement/sand mixture. Spray the whole pot with water, then cover the whole pot with mixture. Make sure to include the edges on top. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Smoothen it out as it dries. Spray water if needed. Once it’s dry, cover the bottom with the mixture as well. Let it dry completely.

How to Make a Cement Pot
Image by DIY with Lucy via YouTube

Step 6:

Cover the surface with primer. Once dry, paint with dark grey concrete paint. Tone it with white concrete paint and a sponge. Let it dry.

Step 7:

Drill drainage holes on the bottom.

Turn a Plastic Pot Into an Expensive Looking Cement Pot

Turn a Plastic Pot Into An Expensive Looking Cement Pot

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