How to Keep Apples from Turning Brown

How to Keep Apples from Turning Brown | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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I have always been fond of apple recipes or eating them as is. They are sweet, juicy, crispy, and keep doctors away! However, they do have a major drawback – they brown quickly. Why is that? When an apple is cut, oxygen is introduced into the injured plant tissue, which is why they turn brown or discolor easily. This is such a major turn off, especially for the kids! They find them brownish when it’s lunchtime and discard them, throwing away all the great nutrients.


There are various options for preserving fresh apples, keeping them crisp and white the moment you cut and use them. This tutorial by Momables Laura Fuentes shares with us how to keep apples from browning using a natural mix made up of 50/50 pineapple juice and water mix. This way, your kids will find the apples appealing and get excited about eating the juicy, crunchy bite!


  • Apples
  • Pineapple juice
  • Water


Prepare all the needed ingredients. Make sure to choose fresh apples that have no bruises.

steps to prevent apple from turning brown
Image credit: MOMables-Laura Fuentes on Youtube

In an enormous container, clean the apples thoroughly with some soap and water to remove wax, drain, and rinse.

Using a sharp knife, cut the apples into wedges, starting with big chunks and reducing them to the smaller slices that you or your kids prefer.

Once the apples are ready, transfer them into a container that is big enough to store them with some of the pineapple juice and water mixture. (50% pineapple juice + 50% water)

Cover the containers with a tight lid and store them in the fridge overnight or for hours before use.

Take them out when it’s time to prepare the lunch box and find some fresh apples that are enjoyable!

preventing apples from turning brown hack
Image credit: MOMables-Laura Fuentes on Youtube

Say goodbye to brown, unpleasing apples! Share this hack with your friends and family.

How to Keep Apples from Turning Brown

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