This Mesmerizing Infinity Paint Pouring Technique Makes Instant Wall Art

This Mesmerizing Infinity Paint Pouring Technique Makes Instant Wall Art | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Love watching paint pouring videos on Youtube but have yet to brave your own paint pouring session? This awesome paint pour video just may be the inspiration you need to take the next step toward creating paint pouring art on a canvas.

I first came across paint pouring art at an art festival in Austin last year, where there was a gallery of images I spent at least an hour looking at. Although I wanted to take one home with me, I did not, as it was impossible to decide which one I liked best and they were also super expensive. I left with a mission to go home and try this myself, and after wathching countless Youtube videos on the best paint pouring techniques, can definitely say this one is my favorite.


The infinity paint pour looks really cool and is super easy to do, with results you can see for yourself. No silicone used, either. Just add Floetrol to your paint, which helps create the amazing patterns you see here in this DIY art idea. You can use pretty much any colors of acrylic paint to make a canvas to hang on the wall, no matter what you choose, the combinations almost always turn out to something unpredictable but amazing. I am a big fan of this technique that uses no silicone, as I think the cells created by that method are a little much. The patterns created with floetrol and water like this one are much more organic looking to me.

Materials used for paint pouring:

Artists loft flow acrylics (black, white, blue, red, and yellow)

acrylic paint (phthalo green)



Paint Ratios: 50% floetrol, 30% paint, 20% water

If you’ve never poured paint before, check out this video to learn the best tips before you pour paint for the first time.


Infinity Paint Pouring Technique

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