How to Make a Hearts and Pinwheel Quilt

How to Make a Hearts and Pinwheel Quilt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Jordan Fabrics on Youtube


Make the most of the Valentine spirit by adding this hearts and pinwheel quilt project to your quilt bucket list. This easy to follow quilt project was shared with us by Jordan Fabrics on YouTube. One of the go to sites for quilters.



  • 6 Quarter yard / fat quarter fabrics 
  • 3 plain Quarter yard / fat quarter fabrics for background
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter
  • Measuring board
  • Ruler
  • Fabric marker


Prepare all the needed materials.

materials for hearts and pinwheels quilt
Image credit: Jordan Fabrics on Youtube

To make the heart blocks, take 3 background fabrics and set them aside. Then, cut the 6 fat quarter fabrics in half.

Segregate and stack the cut fabrics.

Cut a 6 ½ inch across the stacked fabrics using a ruler and the rotary cutter. Mark and cut a 1 ¼ inch from the excess fabric for the borders of the pin wheel block.  Take the 6 ½ inch fabrics and mark and cut 3 ½ inch parts across the whole fabric. Take the background fabrics and cut 3 ½ squares and 1 ⅓ quarter squares. 

Mark a diagonal line across the light square blocks and a ½ inch line beside them.  Repeat with the other blocks, but alternatively based on the same fabrics.

Take 2 of all the cut fabrics and get the sewing machine ready.  Stitch the square block fabrics with the rectangle fabrics across the marked diagonal lines.  Take 2 of the little squares and line them up on the other end of the rectangle fabric. Stitch it diagonally in place from corner to corner.

Press neatly with an iron.  Fold and press the open diagonal corners.  Cut off the edges of the fabric, leaving a ¼ inch seam.  Sew the two halves of the heart together.  Repeat with the rest of the heart block halves.

For the pinwheel blocks, iron out the cut-out edges and trim off the excess dog ears.  Segregate 4 blocks into two different patterns.  Sew the 4 blocks in place.

Iron in place.  Cut the border strips into 5 inch by 6 inch pieces once they have been prepared. Sew the borders together with the blocks.

Lay out the quilt as per your design. Be as creative as you go and sew everything in place.

how to make hearts and pinwheels quilt
Image credit: Jordan Fabrics on Youtube

Cut out more borders for the whole quilt project.

How to Make a Hearts and Pinwheel Quilt

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