Easy No-Binding Potholder Tutorial

Easy No-Binding Potholder Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: The Sewing Room Channel via Youtube


Potholders can seem insignificant until you needed to take a casserole out of the oven; you will realize that it’s actually a staple in every home’s kitchen. Lucky for us, The Sewing Room Channel from Youtube got us this super easy no-binding potholder tutorial. No confusing stitch – just a straightforward guide to turning your scraps into colorful potholders. Learn this by watching the tutorial below.



  • 1 8″ square fabric (for the front, you can use any fabric of your choice)
  • 1 10″ square fabric (for the back)
  • 2 8″ square cotton batting
  • needle and thread
  • iron (for pressing)
  • rotary cutter (or scissors)


Step 1

Cut out all the fabrics in the correct sizes. Lay down the 10″ square fabric (make sure the front is face down away from you), and then take the two layers of cotton batting and the fabric for the front. Put these three together at the center of the 10″ square fabric. Next, top stitch them all together. Trim some of the excess fabric off the corners. Take a ruler and place a line from corner to corner. Place a 1/2″ mark on the edge of each corner then take out a rotary cutter and trim the excess fabric off. Do this to all four corners.

Stitching the edges of the potholders
Image credits: The Sewing Room Channel via Youtube


Stitches you can do:

You can use any type of stitch you like, you can do a decorative stitch or the simple straight stitch. If you are going to do a straight stitch, start in the middle then go about 2″ out on the other side of the center line and do one on each side. Turn the fabric over and just repeat the process. If you go for the decorative or the wavy stitch, you can still go side-to-side. Start in the center, stitch down, turn the fabric over, then do the other side. If you prefer the diagonal stitch, just go from corner to corner first, then just repeat the same stitching process mentioned above.

Step 2

After trimming the edges, fold the fabric towards the corner. (Make sure the fabric’s raw edge just barely covers the corner’s tip.) Next, with an iron, press all four corners. After this, go ahead and fold all the fabric on the straight edges in 1/4″ then press them. Fold over one side and stitch down on the folded edge of the back fabric. Do this on the opposite side also. Fold over the other two opposite remaining sides and stitch them down. Make sure the diagonal folded edge goes over a bit to the top of the other stitched folded side. Start stitching in the corner, going back and forth to secure it. Stitch across the other corners, making sure that you stitch back and forth at each corner to secure them.

Showing some other stitches for the potholders
Image credits: The Sewing Room Channel via Youtube

Easy No Binding Potholder Tutorial

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