Easy Jacob’s Ladder Quilt Block Tutorial

Easy Jacob’s Ladder Quilt Block Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Sewers Club via YouTube


This quilt block is a classic project that is easy to assemble and the perfect idea for beginners. You only need 3 different fabrics for this quilt block and you can use any combination of fabric prints and colors that you want.

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This is a fun project to do when you want to pass the time or you want to keep yourself busy over the weekend. Learn how to make this now by reading the instructions below and watch this video tutorial by Sewers Club on YouTube as well.

Materials for Jacob’s Ladder Quilt Block:

  • Background fabric
  • Dark print fabric
  • Light fabric
  • Marking pen, pencil, or chalk
  • Ruler
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and a cutting mat
  • Iron, for pressing
  • Sewing machine
  • Pattern (Click here to download the pattern)

How to Make Jacob’s Ladder Quilt Block:

How to Make Jacob's Ladder Quilt Block
Image credit: Sewers Club via YouTube

Step 1

Download and print the pattern, then cut the fabrics according to the instructions, and then start piecing the half-square triangles. Grab the large background and dark print square, then lay them with their right sides facing, and draw a line at the back diagonally from corner to corner.

Step 2

Stitch them on either side of the line with ¼ inch seam allowance, then press the seams towards the darker fabric, and continue to make the rest of the half-square triangles. Get 2 each of the small light and background squares, then assemble them alternately to form the 4-patch block, and stitch them by pair.

Step 3

Press the seams toward the darker fabric, then stitch the pairs to each other, and press the seams nicely. Make the rest of the 4-patch blocks, then assemble the blocks as shown in the video, and start stitching them per row. Give the seams a good press, then stitch the rows to each other, and give them a final press.

Easy Quilt Block Tutorial for Beginners
Image credit: Sewers Club via YouTube

Easy Jacob’s Ladder Quilt Block Tutorial

*All image credit belongs to Sewers Club via YouTube. Follow and subscribe to her channel for more! 

Easy Jacob’s Ladder Quilt Block Tutorial

Easy Jacob’s Ladder Quilt Block Tutorial

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