Easy Inkjet Image Transfer Technique

Easy Inkjet Image Transfer Technique | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Nitsa Creative Studio via Youtube


Are you looking for a fun activity this weekend? Nitsa Creative Studio from Youtube will teach you how to transfer an inkjet image or photo print onto another surface! Whether it’s wood, canvas, paper, or glass – you don’t need to wet or rub it just to transfer the image. It’s very fun, easy, and beginner-friendly! The finished product is also easily archival and just stunning! Learn this method by watching the tutorial below.



  • office depot copy print paper
  • Fiskars traditional bone folder, 6 inch
  • 1-inch masking tape
  • 32 oz Liquitex matte medium
  • 5 x 7-inch artist canvas panels, 12 packs
  • Darice wood rectangle plaque, natural
  • clear acrylic spray


Step 1

Print a mirrored photo (anything you like) on a standard copy paper. It’s important not to print the photo on photo paper. To make your photo brighter and vibrant, edit it first in a photo editor app and enhance the hue and saturation (This is optional). Tape the edges of the canvas panel to get nice clean borders. Cut the excess blank space around the photo. Next, brush a generous amount of matte medium onto the canvas panel. Make sure to completely cover the surface with a matte medium. After this, place the photo printout facing down onto the wet surface, and press it down using fingers. Use an old card to get rid of the air bubbles. Wait for about 3 minutes to let the transfer dry. Just make sure that don’t let it dry completely.

Cutting the edges of the photo print
Image credits: Nitsa Creative Studio via Youtube


Step 2

After 3 minutes, remove the paper on top. Start from the corner and peel the paper back slowly. To get rid of the left-out papers, scrub using a dry sponge. (This is optional) Next, apply a good amount of clear acrylic spray; going up one way and then from side to side. After this, remove the masking tape around the photo.

Spraying the photo with some acrylic spray
Image credits: Nitsa Creative Studio

Easy Inkjet Image Transfer Technique

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