How to Build a Stock Tank Pool

How to Build a Stock Tank Pool | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: HGTV Handmade via YouTube


I’ve been preparing for the Summer season for a while now, and the last one that I need to check off my list is a DIY pool. Among all of the inspirations and ideas that I found online, I decided to make a stock tank pool, and it might be one of the best decisions that I ever had.

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If you are also planning to build a stock tank pool in your yard, then you might just love this idea by HGTV Handmade on YouTube. Watch the video tutorial below now to learn how. I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did!

Materials for DIY Stock Tank Pool:

  • 8′ galvanized stock tank
  • Above-ground pool filter pump
  • Above-ground pool inlet kit
  • Above-ground plunger valves
  • Pool filter cartridges
  • Chlorine dispenser
  • Pool skimmer
  • 11 cans of matte white exterior primer
  • Green exterior paint
  • Paint thinner
  • Fine-to-medium grit sandblocks
  • Electric drill
  • 2¾” bi-metal hole saw
  • Painter’s tape
  • Water hose
  • Tamper
  • Rake
  • 2 bags of sand
  • 2 sheets of 8½x11″ paper
  • Scrap craft paper
  • metal stake
  • Bundle of string
  • White vinegar
  • Rags
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

How to Build a Stock Tank Pool:

Easy DIY Stock Tank Pool Tutorial
Image credit: HGTV Handmade via YouTube

Level your landscape or the area where you want to place your pool, then set the circumference, and add the sand. Prep the tank, then coat it with your primer, and once dry, paint it striped using a tape as shown in the video. Drill holes for the inlet, then attach and secure the outside of the drain with caulking, and attach the remaining parts following the kit instructions. Now, that your pool is ready to install in the prepared area, decorate your pool area as you please. Enjoy!

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Image credit: HGTV Handmade via YouTube

How To Build A Stock Tank Pool

*All image credit belongs to HGTV Handmade via YouTube. Follow and subscribe to their channel for more!

How to Build a Stock Tank Pool

How To Build A Stock Tank Pool

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