DIY This Lush Copycat Recipe – Yummy Watermelon Soap You Can Make At Home

DIY This Lush Copycat Recipe – Yummy Watermelon Soap You Can Make At Home | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I wanted to celebrate the end of summer with my girls and we decided to make some fun soaps for them to use in the tub.

Once we hit fall, sports season begins and the children are in the bathtub quite a bit so I try to make things as fun as possible. Both of my girls love these little watermelon soaps and I think they would be such a cute homemade gift idea or try making these on slumber party nights as a craft activity for the kids to try.


You won’t believe how easy these custom soaps are to make and you can really get very creative here with different colors and shapes and fragrances.

So to get started here is what I used:

Soap Mold
Shea Butter Soap
Clear Soap
Colorant (red and green)
Black Sequin, rather than watermelon seed
Essential oils of your choice

You can find most of these items at Michael’s stores or you can order this from Amazon. Michael’s also sells kits that have pretty much everything inside them so watch for those too.

To get started you simply want to use a knife to cut off a few cubes of the clear soap and place that in a microwave safe dish. I used a glass Pyrex measuring cup for mine. I don’t have an exact measurement of how many cubes you need because the size of the soap will vary according to the mold you purchase. I just eyeballed what looked like (6) half bars of soap and popped that in my Pyrex. (Better to have too little than too much so be conservative.)

Place your soap mold on a flat surface that won’t be disturbed. You don’t want to move the mold around before the soap is solid because it will slosh on the sides and won’t look as nice. I put mine out of the way on the laundry room counter.

Watch how this gal with Soap Fantasy makes this adorable watermelon soap in her step by step tutorial and enjoy!

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