DIY Natural Cinnamon Candle

DIY Natural Cinnamon Candle | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Get rid of those toxic paraffin wax candles and switch to this DIY natural cinnamon candle! There are two ways to make this, either with soy or beeswax. Either way, these are great gift options for any occasion. Learn how to make these through this tutorial by Chalking Up Success!.



  • soy flakes
  • pure beeswax
  • ground cinnamon
  • cinnamon essential oil
  • cinnamon sticks
  • star anise
  • empty glass jars with lids
  • small saucepan
  • heatproof jug
  • candle wicks
  • wick holder
  • candle stickers


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Step 1:

Add a small amount of water to your saucepan and place the heatproof glass jug on top. Make sure that it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pan otherwise the wax could burn.

Step 2:

Fill your candle jar with soy flakes using a spoon to measure how much you need. Add directly to the heatproof jug and let it melt while the water is simmering.

For the beeswax, melt it the same way.

DIY Natural Cinnamon Candle Materials
Image by Chalking Up Success! via Youtube

Step 3:

Clean the jars as much as you can. Then let them dry or use a towel.

Step 4:

Add the wax buttons onto the bottom of the metal part of the wick, then press it down to the middle of the glass. The wax will help the wick stay in place. Put a wick holder across the top and insert the wick so it will stay straight.

Step 5:

Once the wax melted, give it a stir. Place it on a cooling rack and let it cool until the temperature is around 150 Fahrenheit.

Step 6:

Add 30 drops of cinnamon essential oil and give it a good stir. Pour a little bit into the jar. Before it hardens place four or five cinnamon sticks around the sides of the glass. Drop some chopped cinnamon bark into the candle. Let it set first before you fill it up.

For the beeswax, add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and give it a good stir. To get the ombre effect, fill the top with a little bit of pure beeswax.

DIY Natural Cinnamon Candle Instructions
Image by Chalking Up Success! via Youtube

Step 7:

Fill the jar with the melted wax and drop star anise.


DIY Natural Cinnamon Candle

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