Weave This Trash Can From Plastic Grocery Bags

Weave This Trash Can From Plastic Grocery Bags | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I love anything upcycled and repurposed, and I save a lot of old “useless” items tucked away in all corners of the house. I recently found an entire closet full of plastic bags I had saved from grocery shopping. I frantically started looking on Youtube for something cool to make with all of them. There are so many cool things to do with these bags, no one should throw them away ever again. I decided to make a trash can for all the bathrooms. I started this project by cutting the handles off my bags and cutting them into 2″ wide strips.


Weave a trash can from plastic bags

then I began to tie and braid.

DIY plastic bag trash can

After you get a super long braid you start gluing it together with a hot glue gun.

Learn to make a plastic bag trash can

This is such a fun rewarding recycled/ upcycled DIY project. They look so adorable in our bathrooms. All our guests comment on the striking originality each one represents. My Daughter and her friend decided to make some to sell because they were such an easy DIY project for teens. They set up a little booth in the garage and advertised on Facebook Marketplace. They sold about 4 and gave the rest to their Grand Parents for gifts.

How To Make A Trash Can From Plastic Grocery Bags





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