DIY Dandelion Painting Using A Fork

DIY Dandelion Painting Using A Fork | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I am obsessing over this DIY Dandelion Painting Using A Fork by Designer Gemma77. This easy painting tutorial has brought so much life into my home. I have really been loving minimal supplies paint projects lately. I’ve been trying everything from pull chain painting to making wall art with a toilet brush. I think this project might just take the prize through the dainty flowers you can create with a fork to make for a perfect spring statement art piece. If you are looking to freshen up our wall art for the warm weather, follow along and make some adorable dandelion canvas paintings.


Materials Needed For This DIY Project

  • Small Canvas
  • White Paint
  • Yellow or Orange Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Metal Fork
  • Palette for Paint

Check out Designer Gemma77’s YouTube video tutorial down below for a more in-depth list of materials you will need to do this project.

Step One

Paint the canvas with a base color using a paintbrush of your choosing. 

Painting A Dandelion On A Canvas - DIY Paintings

Image by. Designer Gemma77 via YouTube video.

Step Two

Put white paint on a palette or plate and dip the tip of the fork in the paint.

Step Three

Make small strokes with the fork across the canvas going in a circular motion as you move around the canvas.

Dandelion Painting Using Fork - DIY Painting Hacks

Image by. Designer Gemma77 via YouTube video.

Step Four

Repeat step three with a new color to create the center of your white dandelion. 

How To Paint A Dandelion With A Fork

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