Dollar Store Craft Idea: Beaded Chandelier

Dollar Store Craft Idea: Beaded Chandelier | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

DIY Dollar Store Crafts - Cheap Home Decor Ideas - Beaded Chandelier Tutorial


Looking for something fun and easy to make for your home?  This DIY chandelier project will add a really fashionable look to any room.  Made from items you find at the dollar store, you are not going to believe how expensive and glamorous the end result is. I made one for my bedroom and added a ton of beads!  Well worth the extra effort, the effect is spectacular! I simply love it, as it’s so feminine and chic!  This chandelier is a perfect accessory to add above a dining table or in a living room, but it’s also a cool idea for adorning a little girl or teenager’s room with.  You can even add old jewelry to this fabulous DIY lighting project and really get it to sparkle with creativity!  Some people spray paint their  beads, and I have seen some cool chandeliers like this made with turquoise beads, beige speckled ones, and even fun pinks and reds. I preferred the clear beads because I was adding some blingy jewelry and inexpensive diamond shaped crystals. I also spray painted my basket silver before beginning.   A friend of mine saw it and she had a fit over it.  Now she’s making one for her bedroom.


I bought a hanging wire plant basket at the dollar store and the plastic crystal beads from Amazon.  In the tutorial she uses 3 packages of beads…I used more for mine.  I separated out the sizes like she shows in the tutorial.  I started with the longest strands and attached them to the first link of each chain on the basket (close to the hook).  I hooked the other end of the beads to the edge of the basket, at the bottom of each chain connecting to the basket.  Then I attached the strand with 10 beads on it from the round part of the basket and followed the lines of the metal underneath the basket, attaching them to the center circle. Next, I added the beads with 4 and 5 beads on them to the bottom of the basket, attaching them to the bottom of the middle small circle and voila!

This would be a great rainy day project for kids or for a Girl Scout troop.  When I was a Girl Scout troop leader, I was always trying to think up a neat craft project for the girls to do. There’s a lot more neat projects to do now than back then. There weren’t all the neat craft websites to take advantage of and now I’m in hog heaven!

Watch this step by step tutorial to make your beaded chandelier!

DIY Dollar Store Chandelier With Beads


DIY Beaded Chandelier and Dollar Store Craft Ideas - Cheap Dollar Store Crafts and Home Decor Projects - Easy DIY Lighting Idea on A Budget

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