Transform a Broken Umbrella into a Woman’s Bag

Transform a Broken Umbrella into a Woman’s Bag | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Miarti - Reuse


Do you ever think how much of a waste if you just throw a broken umbrella into the trash can? If you love upcycling and repurposing items, start looking for one as we will transform a broken umbrella into a woman’s bag. What a magnificent idea by Miart- Reuse! There are many ways to save some of its parts; this is just one of them. An advantage of this DIY bag is its water-resistant properties! You can get creative as you want. Add different designs from your old fabric scraps and buttons – as a result, you create an extraordinary and beautiful bag.  Watch the video below for the step-by-step tutorial.



  • broken umbrella
  • seam ripper
  • ruler
  • chalk
  • fabric scraps for the flower and handles
  • old buttons (4 similar designs and 1 for the flower)


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Step 1:

Remove the handles, end tip, stretcher, tube, and everything leaving only the fabric. Use a seam ripper and small scissors to make the process easier.

Step 2:

Using an iron, flatten the fabric. Then turn it around so that the end tip is pointing at you. Next, get a measuring tape or ruler, then measure 3.94 inches from the end tip. Create a half-circle and cut it.

Step 3:

Close the cutout by sewing the seams together. Then fold the edges and stitch them. Next, measure 3.54 inches vertically from the top part of one rib. Then from that point, measure 1.18 inches horizontally to the left. Draw a  vertical line from that end to the top edge and secure the fold using a pin. Do the same for all of the rib parts of the umbrella. Once done, sew the vertical lines.

Transform a Broken Umbrella into a Woman's Bag Materials
Image by: Miarti – Reuse


Step 4:

Fix the fabric and make sure that each rib is aligned. Then from the left upper part of the folded fabric, measure again 1.18 inches horizontally and make a 3.54 inches vertical line. Do the same for all rib areas and sew the line. Then repeat the process one more time to have a pleated top for the bag. Next, reverse the fabric.

Transform a Broken Umbrella into a Woman's Bag Tutorial
Image by: Miarti – Reuse


Step 5:

Fold the top edges and stitch. Next, make an inner fold on one side on the upper right and attach the buttons on the front and back. Do the same to the upper left side. Then attach the handles. You can use any fabric scrap that is sturdy enough to become handles.

Step 6:

Finish the bag by making a flower for decoration. Using the fabric scraps, create petals and turn them into a flower. For the middle part of your flower, you can use an old button. Once done with the flower, attach it to the center front of the bag and you are done!



Transform a Broken Umbrella into a Woman’s Bag

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