Best Tips On Picking The Perfect Fruits

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It’s always a big concern for us whether we are picking the best fruits or not when shopping for produce. I’m sure nobody wants to spend and then find out that you’ve picked an overripe fruit or a bland tasting one. Luckily, I’ve found these best farmer tips on how to pick the best fruits from Facts Verse on Youtube. With this, I’m sure your next market trip will be worthwhile. Watch the video below to learn these helpful tips.


Picking Watermelons:

Field Spot and the Webbing

On choosing the best watermelon, you should check out the large yellow-field spot on some part of its body. This spot radically differs from the mostly dark green surface of the watermelon. This field spot is where the melon was sitting on the ground while growing up and the color of this will tell you which watermelon is the sweetest of the bunch. The sweetest are those which come with a somewhat bright or golden yellow field spot. Watermelons with mostly pale and largely whitish field spots are the blandest tasting.

Tips on picking the best tasting watermelon
Image credits: Facts Verse via Youtube


First, you should expect the best watermelons to be of average size. Too small or too big watermelons are not the best tasting ones. Secondly, there are actually boy and girl watermelons. The boys are taller and more watery, while the girls have a roundish shape and are sweeter.


The best-tasting watermelons will always come with a somewhat dried-up tail. If it looks too green or fresh, it means that the fruit was picked before its time and will be not ripe enough.

Picking Pineapples:


Go for the golden yellow varieties for the best tasting ones.


Check the firmness of the leaves when picking out the best pineapple. If it’s too tight, the fruit is not ripe enough and if they come out too easily when you pull, that means the fruit is overripe. So settle somewhere in the middle.


Squeeze it a little

Despite the hard and spiky skin, the best ones will give a little under your touch. If it does give just a bit, it means that the fruit is properly ripe and juicy.

Sniff the bottom

This is your most foolproof way of choosing the best one. All good pineapples will give off a sweet aroma at the bottom.

Picking Cantaloupes:

Check the Rind

Check the surface carefully for cracks, mold, soft spots, or some other defect. If the rind doesn’t look perfect, then go for a different one.

The Color

Look for the ones with a light beige outer surface and avoid the greenish ones. The green surface indicates that the fruit is not ripe enough. Keep in mind though that the best cantaloupes will have light orange insides.

The Weight

Go for the heaviest ones because in picking the best cantaloupes, the heavier the better.

Tap it

You should also tap it. Take it close to your ears and give it a few gentle taps with your fingers. If it sounds a little hollow, then that’s what you’re looking for.

Smell and Squeeze

Just give it a gentle squeeze. The best ones should give a little under your fingers. If it feels too soft, it indicates that the fruit is overripe. Don’t forget to smell it too. If it gives off a sweet smell, everything’s fine.

Keeping Strawberries Fresh:

Do Not Remove the Stems

If you plan on storing them, then do not remove their stems. Remove them only if you plan to eat your strawberries.

Look for Mold

If you found one or more berries have developed mold on them, remove those pieces immediately. This way, you’ll stop the mold from spreading to the rest of the strawberries.

Look for molds to keep the strawberries fresh
Image credits: Facts Verse via Youtube

Best Tips On Picking The Perfect Fruits From A Farmer

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