10 Best Fixes for A Thread Jam

10 Best Fixes for A Thread Jam | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Evelyn Wood via YouTube


Are you having frequent thread jams in your sewing machine? Check out this video from Evelyn Wood where she shared some quick and easy fixes for your jams. They’re effective and they will be extra helpful, especially if you’re a beginner.


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Thread jams are frustrating, that is why you need to learn what area to check in your machine and properly determine if you need to have it fixed professionally. Check out the video below to learn the following.

#1 Operator Error

You need to hold onto the threads when you start sewing and you need some length. Also, you don’t need to start right at the very end of the fabric as it can cause the thread to go down into the bobbin.

Operator error as one of the reason of thread jam
Image credits: Evelyn Wood via YouTube

#2 Re-Threading the Top Thread

Sometimes, the thread is not actually inside the tension disks properly and it can cause you trouble so you need to re-thread the top thread.

#3 Re-Inserting Your Bobbin

If re-threading the top is not working, then try to re-insert your bobbin.

#4 A New Needle

A blunt needle can cause so many stitching problems so change your needle and put a new one.

#5 Test on Plain Cotton Fabric

Try sewing on a plain cotton fabric, non-stretch, just to make sure that it’s not the fabric that is causing the issue.

#6 Cleaning the Bobbin Area in Your Machine

Sometimes, your machine just needs a good cleaning. Pull out the bobbin, take off the metal plate, pull it all up, then clean and de-fluff that area.

#7 Try Different Thread

Maybe you just pick up an old spool of thread or accidentally pick up top stitching thread.

#8 Are You Using the Correct Bobbin?

Double-check if you actually have the correct bobbin for your sewing machine.

#9 Walk Away, Try Again Later!

Take a breather, come back, and then try again.

#10 Call For Help

If you still having issues when you come back, then it’s time for you to have it serviced.

Havin your machine serviced if thread jams are still occurring
Image credits: Evelyn Wood via YouTube

10 Best Fixes for A Thread Jam

10 Best Fixes for A Thread Jam

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