6 Smart Sewing Tips & Tricks For Beginners

6 Smart Sewing Tips & Tricks For Beginners | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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If you’re new to sewing and finding some steps or projects too difficult to finish, then don’t worry because these tips and tricks by Ways DIY & Craft on YouTube will definitely make sewing super easy for you! This is also perfect if you don’t a have a complete set of sewing tools yet because you can just use whatever you can find around your house.



  • Small fabric scrap
  • Paper clips
  • Fabric pin
  • Tape measure
  • Pencils


Tip#1: Sew elastics more easier

To connect two ends of an elastic together easily and more sturdy, grab a piece of square fabric, then place it underneath both ends of the elastic, and fold the sides over to cover them. Next, sew the side, pivot to sew across, then pivot to sew diagonally, and repeat until you’ve sewn on all 4 sides of the fabric with an “X” at the center.


Tip#2: Paper clip hack

When sewing a bias tape or inserting an elastic on fabric, do it easily using a rule and a few paper clips. First off, mark the fabric with a line that indicates where you’d like the fold to be, then fold the fabric over, clip it in place with a paperclip, and sew. Use a paper clip to insert the elastic easier inside the fabric.

Tip#3: Fabric pin hack

If you’re a beginner and are having a hard time eyeballing the seam allowance, then do this hack. Lift the presser foot until the part that connects it to the machine shows, insert a pin on that small space, then release the presser foot, and start sewing using the head of the pin as a guide to the distance of your seam allowance.

Easy Sewing Hacks For Beginners
Image credit: Ways DIY & Craft via YouTube

Tip#4: Tape measure hack

Here’s another trick that will make it easier for you to even out your seam allowances. Adhere a tape measure to the bottom front of your sewing machine, then position your fabric depending on the seam allowance that you need, and proceed sewing.

Tip#5: Easy embroidery hack

If you need an embroidered pattern but don’t know how to embroider yet, then try this super easy hack. Draw or print the shape or pattern that you want on a piece of paper, then pin it on top of your fabric piece, and sew along those lines. Once done sewing, carefully rip the paper off of the fabric and you’re done.

Tip#6: Pencil hack

If you’re having a hard time sewing an elastic to a fabric and holding it in place at the same time, then do this pencil hack. Tape two pencils together, then insert the elastic in between and in the middle of the taped pencils, and then tape them down on the sewing machine. Pull the elastic, then start sewing it on the fabric, and you’re done.

Simple Sewing Hacks For Beginners
Image credit: Ways DIY & Craft via YouTube


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6 Smart Sewing Tips & Tricks For Beginners

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