8 Cleaning Tricks to Make Your Device Look New Again

8 Cleaning Tricks to Make Your Device Look New Again | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Phones and earphones can get dirty easily if you use them daily. Dust, fingerprints, and earwax can collect on these devices if you don’t clean them regularly. You will notice the accumulated dirt if you look closely at the buttons, ports, and edges. Cleaning your device won’t take a lot of time, but you have to be careful as you don’t want to damage it.


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Here are 8 cleaning tricks to make your device look new again. BRIGHT SIDE on YouTube shared ways how to properly clean your phone or earbuds using items you have at home. You will learn how to clean your phone properly and how to remove the scratches on the screen. Take note that phones have different screens. Make sure to watch the video below for full instructions.

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8 Cleaning Tricks to Make Your Device Look New Again

1 – Lint roller

Use a lint roller to clean your speakers. Just roll it over the speaker, and it will get all the dust off. It will improve the sound quality.

2 – Toothbrush with nylon brushes

Clean your earbuds using your toothbrush. Unplug your earbuds and gently scrub them with your dry toothbrush in a circular sweeping motion. Do not wet your toothbrush or you can damage it.

You can also use a dry toothbrush to clean your speaker, SIM card slot, and volume buttons.

How to Clean a Phone
Image by BRIGHT SIDE via YouTube

3 – Eraser

You can clean wires using an eraser. It will remove all the dirt right off your earphones in seconds.

4 – Interdental brush

Is your headphone jack dirty? Clean it using an interdental brush.

5 – Tape

You can clean your keyboard using a tape or sticky note.

6 – Microfiber cloth

Clean your phone’s screen using a microfiber cloth.

7 – Clean USB ports using a self made plate

Apply stickum to the stick or plate. Spread the glue evenly so there are no bumps that can make it difficult to remove the plate from the USB port afterward.

When the glue dries, put the stickum side of the plate into the USB port, then pull it out.

8 – Paper

Just rub the paper on the screen in circular motions. After a couple of minutes, the scratches will be gone. Take note that paper only works for glass screens. Never use it for plastic or liquid crystal displays.

For liquid crystal displays, mix distilled vinegar and white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Put in a spray bottle. Spray onto a soft cloth and wipe the screen. Do not spray the mixture directly on the screen. Turn your phone on when it dries.

To remove scratches, using a polishing cream. Turn off your phone and cover all the buttons and ports on your phone using painter’s tape. Put a little bit of polishing cream on the screen and rub it with circular motions using a soft napkin.

How to Remove Scratches from a phone screen
Image by BRIGHT SIDE via YouTube


8 Cleaning Tricks to Make Your Device Look New Again

Cleaning Tricks to Make Your Device Look New Again

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