6 Ways to Get Rid of Dog Odor

6 Ways to Get Rid of Dog Odor | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Do you have dogs or any fur babies at home? Sometimes, even if they are always clean, the house can still smell a little bit funky. If you are a new fur parent, I am sure you are worried that this might happen, especially if you always have a clean-smelling home free from odor before getting your pet. So, how do you keep your house from smelling like a dog? Cleaning With Kim will teach you 6 ways to get rid of dog odor.


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It is normal to have a dog smell in your home since they also leave their oils and body fluids everywhere. That’s why you always have to clean areas where they always stay. Try these tricks, and the smell will be gone instantly. They are easy to do and will definitely make a big impact on your home. For more tips, check these out: How To Make Your House Smell Good With Dogs and 7 Hacks to Stop Dogs from Peeing Indoors.

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1 – Open the windows

If the weather permits, open up the windows. Let all the fresh air in while getting all the funky air out.

2 – Wash your walls

Grab a mop bucket, add some powdered or liquid laundry detergent, and then fill it with water. Take your regular mop and get it all nice and wet with the solution. Wring it out then mop your walls.

How to Keep House Smelling Clean
Image by Cleaning With Kim via YouTube

3 – Deodorize your floor or carpets

To make a DIY carpet deodorizer, fill 1/3 of an empty jar with baking soda or washing soda, then add five drops of essential oils. Add more of the baking soda until it’s 2/3 full, then add 10 drops of essential oils. Fill the remaining the jars with baking soda, then 5 more drops of essential oils. Close with the lid and shake it well. Sprinkle it to your carpet at night, then vacuum it the following day. Make sure your dog won’t ingest it.

4 – Use dryer sheets

Place dryer sheets in the couch, cushion , or wherever in your house.

Home Cleaning Hacks
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5 – Wash dog bed regularly

If your dogs have beds, make sure to wash them regularly. When you wash it, make sure to add vinegar as its a natural deodorizer.

6 – Bathe your dog

Make sure to wash and scrub your dog and get your pet all nice and clean.

6 Ways to Get Rid of Dog Odor

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Dog Odor

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