What To Do When Someone’s Following You In A Car

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Image credits: BRIGHT SIDE via Youtube


Have you ever been followed in a car? BRIGHT SIDE from Youtube has some handy advice for you. Even if you don’t experience this, it doesn’t mean you should shrug the idea off. It’s always better to be ready and safe than never. Share these tips with your family and friends by watching the video below.


#1 Confirm that you are being followed

The easiest way is to make three right turns around the block. If they’re still behind you, raise your suspicions. If you’re on a freeway, take the next upcoming exit but instead of getting off, get right back on the freeway. If the car does the same, it’s probably tailing you. If you’re in town, go to an automatic carwash, it will give you a few minutes to calm down and prepare. Now, after you’ve confirmed you’re being followed, don’t panic and drive around to look for a safe place to go.

Drive and turn three rights in the neighborhood to confirm if you're being followed
Image credits: BRIGHT SIDE via Youtube

#2 Do not drive home

The same applies to your work or any relative’s house. Leading them to your most frequented places will only cause more problems.

#3 Don’t let yourself get cornered

Avoid cul-de-sacs, small neighborhood roads, ones without an exit, and parking lots. Stick to the streets you know. If you’re stopped at a traffic light or stop sign, leave some space between you and the car in front. Always have a getaway plan if you find yourself in the worst-case scenario.

#4 Stay in your car and keep moving

Don’t also forget to lock all the doors and roll up the windows. It can take seconds for someone to get in in an unlocked car while stopped. If this person rears end you at a traffic light, don’t get out of the vehicle. If they’re following you, they probably did that on purpose to get you out. If they approach your car, use that getaway space you left in front of you.


#5 Drive to well-populated roads

It’s harder for this person to notice or keep following you when there are a lot of cars and witnesses around. Plus, they’re more likely to get separated from you by a red light. Most bad guys are scared off by busy areas since their chances of getting caught increase.

#6 Don’t acknowledge the pursuer

Try not to stare into your mirrors, don’t look behind your shoulder, and don’t try to talk. If they only wanted to scare you, they might just give up and drive away. If they know you notice them, they could start keeping a further distance so it will be harder for you to get the details for the police. This is also a good chance to remember details about the person that’s following you. The car’s model, the color, and the license plate. Get these valuable pieces of information but don’t stare while you doing it.

#7 Call the police

If you’re convinced someone’s following you, call the police. If you have a passenger with you, have them do it. If you’re alone, use hands-free technology or voice commands. If you don’t have any of those potions, use that car wash trick from earlier, you can call the cops while you stop there. The main thing is don’t use your phone while driving.

#8 When you can’t call anybody…

When you can’t call anybody, find the closest police station. Your pursuer will probably won’t follow you to the station but they might be brave enough. Park there and stay in your car until you see some officers come out, they can escort you inside. You can do the same at a hospital or a fire station. Those are usually well-secured and more likely to scare the guy away. Your last option is a popular convenience store or gas station. Once stopped, you can make a call or ask the employees too. The worker will know the store’s address so the cops will know exactly where to go.

#9 In the worst-case scenario…

The pursuer might try to attack before you can get to safety. If they’re tailgating you and keeping a short distance, speed up to a green light and slam the brakes. This will likely damage their car much more than yours. Now drive to the closest police station or call the police to tell them what happened. Don’t try this trick if they were keeping a bigger distance. Their car will hit yours harder. If you can’t pull off this maneuver, Try to go to a road that has many cars as possible, they will likely hit some other car around and that will get more attention. When you finally get rid of your pursuer, don’t immediately assume that everything is safe or that you can go home now. Even if you’re able to shake them off, it’s better to drive a few minutes around your neighborhood just to be sure.

Drive to busy roads to make your pursuer give up
Image credits: BRIGHT SIDE via Youtube

What To Do When Someone’s Following You In A Car

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