Turn A 5 Gallon Water Bottle Into A Wishing Well Planter

Turn A 5 Gallon Water Bottle Into A Wishing Well Planter | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: J.o.h.n. Ideas On Youtube


I am so busy decorating my patio for Summer, I just can’t wait to fix everything up the way I want it. My theme this year is going to be, “My Secret Garden”, so when I found this excellent video tutorial by J.o.h.n. Ideas describing how to build a beautiful wishing well planter from a recycled 5-gallon water bottle, I was super excited! The tutorial is super easy and only requires a few materials to make, and it is very likely, you already have these materials lying around the house or garage. In my garden theme, I am going to incorporate all kinds of quaint items like miniature fairy gardens, and I am also building a faux mountain where I plan to display my collection of garden gnomes. I feel like this water bottle wishing well is going to look amazing as part of the gnome arrangement. I will also be playing lots of Led Zeppelin as I wander about my mystical environment, I can’t wait!



  • A 5-gallon water bottle
  • A sharpie
  • A small saw
  • Wood strips
  • Nails
  • A hammer
  • A piece of doweling
  • 6 small plastic water bottles
  • A glue gun
  • Craft paint (or spray paint)
  • Decorative rope (to put around the well)


In this very simple video tutorial, you will learn how to saw the top of your 5-gallon water bottle and easily construct the top frame of your well, then you can begin painting the wishing well (spray paint may be a good choice, but any paint will work).

Make a water bottle wishing well

Then you can decorate your planter with decorative rope, or even jewels would be really cute.

Use a 5 gallon bottle to make a wishing well

I love this planter and it is going to be so cheap to make.

Turn A 5 Gallon Water Bottle Into A Wishing Well Planter

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