Upcycle Old Liquor Bottles Into This DIY Lighting Project

Upcycle Old Liquor Bottles Into This DIY Lighting Project | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

For those of us who enjoy imbibing various bottled beverages, this is the perfect DIY lighting project to recycle the glass into something beautiful and functional. I particularly love the lines of Jack Daniels bottles for this project as they add some masculine, industrial looking structure to the soft glow of the pendant lights. This is the perfect lighting project to complement man cave decor or to hang in over a bar in the kitchen. Honestly, I think these pendant lights could blend seamlessly with any room decor.


You only need a couple of old bottles, a glass cutting apparatus (or just twine, rubbing alcohol, and a lighter if you’re feeling adventurous), and a pendant light kit to complete this project. Once you get the bottoms of the bottles cut, you’ve done the hard part! Just string the lights through and hang them in your space to finish it up. I am an especially big fan of the way ID Lights strung theirs in a pulley. It’s a rustic, industrial look that works in both soft, romantic spaces and more urban, masculine decor as well.

This video was so helpful for me and I am so grateful for all the other electronic tutorials from Unboxing Experience YouTube channel whom I would love to see more lighting projects from them. Photo credits go to ID Lights for the pulley whiskey lights. Watch the video and learn how to make this lighting project for your home!

Get pendant lighting kits online here:

Vintage Pendant Globe Lighting Kit


Or make a chandelier of lights with this kit:

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