Watch How Easily He Transfers This Incredible Image To A Rock!

Watch How Easily He Transfers This Incredible Image To A Rock! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is an amazingly easy DIY project, but it will certainly fool people when you give them this for a gift that will be with them a lifetime! It’s amazing how these look like they’ve been hand painted!

The winter months always involve quite a bit of crafting for my family and me. We all enjoy creating something cool.  I have an affinity for stones! Like some of you I have quite a collection of stones collected from the creek beds this past summer.


I am usually one who will use materials found on hand or materials that can be recycled. Today we mixed things the things we had on hand and something that caught my eye on Pinterest.

We gathered up a few stones from my collection. We chose stones were that were smooth and the right size so that the images we transferred onto them would fit the stones.

I purchased a sheet of transfers from the craft store. I really loved some of the images and I imagined them transferred onto stones.

As soon as I started doing these, my grandchildren were itching to do some of these too! We had a big time doing this together and the best part of it was that they were off of their electronic devices for a couple of hours!

Watch how Scott Holstein does this cool project in his step by step tutorial so you can get busy doing these too!



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