She Cuts Old Towels Into Strips And What She Does With Them is Brilliant. Watch!

She Cuts Old Towels Into Strips And What She Does With Them is Brilliant. Watch! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas



Do you have some old bath towels that have seen their better day? We all have them and since I’m living frugally and trying to reuse and recycle everything I can, I’m always looking for new ideas.

We’re at that time in our live where all the good quality towels we received many, many years ago as wedding presents have seen their better days.  I’ve cut some of them up to use as rags, but there are only so many dusting and cleaning rags and shop towels you need.

The video below couldn’t have come at a better time. I just replaced another couple of towels with new ones and had the old ones sitting in my craft cabinet waiting to be turned into something else. I’ll be spending the weekend making a new bathroom rug out of old towels. All you need is 3 old bath towels, a needle, thread and a pair of scissors.

So, if you have some old towels that you don’t use any more, except to dry your car after washing it, or for rags, this is a clever way to repurpose some of them!

I had some bath towels that had stains on them, but otherwise were in really good shape so I decided to turn them into my next project.

Thanks to this simple project, your feet will stay dry, and your bathroom will get a new decoration. Watch how this gal with Think Big Boss does this in her step by step tutorial.


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