Swiffer Duster Tip You Probably Don’t Know

Swiffer Duster Tip You Probably Don’t Know | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Vanesa Amaro via YouTube


Do you use a Swiffer duster at home? About a year ago, I discovered this cool method of cleaning that sure beats having to wash dust rags or throw away paper towels. Plus, this product does not leave residue behind. When it comes to time spent cleaning, I love tips and hacks that speed things up or get everything cleaner.  The Swiffer duster is now one of my favorite cleaning accessories.


However, it turns out that there is a right way and a wrong way to use a Swiffer duster. Turns out, I was using mine the wrong way and probably leaving lots of dust behind. This video below demonstrated the right way to use your duster for maximum efficiency.

If you think a little dust does not matter, think again! Dust can easily accumulate in our house if we don’t regularly vacuum or dust off objects. Sometimes, you’ll wonder why there is so much dust in your house. It can easily accumulate inside our rooms if we don’t regularly vacuum or dust off objects. It can even make you sneeze several times or trigger an allergy in some people. Having a carpet, keeping your windows open, owning a dog, or not changing your bedding are the most common reasons why your house is so dusty. That is when a duster comes in handy, as it can remove dust, hair, and allergens from surfaces easily and even get into hard-to-reach spots. If you own one, check out this Swiffer duster tip you probably don’t know by Vanesa Amaro.

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How do you usually use your Swiffer duster? Did you know that it is not supposed to be used flat? It’s not going to lock up dust if you use it that way. Each fluff should be separated, but you don’t have to do it one by one. If that’s what you normally do, this trick will surely surprise you. Most people don’t actually know this cleaning tip before. It will save you a lot of time, and your duster will now work great in grabbing dust. Try this next time you use it at home.

How to Properly Use a Swiffer Duster to Remove Dust at Home

Step 1:

Connect the handles and the pad head together. Pretty basic, I know, but how you set this up matters.

Step 2:

Insert a clean pad into the head of your Swiffer duster. Don’t stop here, like most people would, as it’s the next step that is very important when it comes to catching all the dust.

How to Properly Use a Swiffer Duster
Image by Vanesa Amaro via YouTube

Step 3:

After adding the clean pad, shake the Swiffer duster for a few seconds by smacking the handle to your palm. After a few shakes, it should be all nice and fluffy. Now, you can use it to easily clean surfaces. If you watch the video and see the photo below, you will understand why this makes such a difference. The flat pad does not pick up dust very well at all in comparison. Try this and see the difference for yourself.

I use my Swiffer duster to clean glass lamps and underneath the edges of furniture. This cleaning tip makes my dusting so much better and faster, too!

Duster Cleaning Hack
Image by Vanesa Amaro via YouTube


Swiffer Duster Tip You Probably Don’t know

Swiffer Duster Tip You Probably Don't Know

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