How to Make Sock Dolls

How to Make Sock Dolls | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

These little dolls are pure treasures and they’re great to have on hand for children’s gifts. I’m always needing a gift, aren’t you?

Are you hanging onto some old socks wondering how you could use them instead of just tossing them in the trash? Do you find it almost impossible to throw away the one remaining sock that used to be one half of a pair? Do you say to yourself, “How can I recycle these socks into something useful?”


In the attached tutorial she shows you how to make the most unbelievably precious dolls with those socks that are missing their mate!

These dolls are super easy to make and it’s fun to give each of them a different personality. They are just too darned cute!

I just fell in love with these little people and decided to make up a bunch to take to the children’s hospital and it brought me so much joy to give these to children who are bound in a hospital bed. They were so excited about receiving these little dolls and it made my whole year!

On a side note: When I made up a bunch of these, my dog helped himself to one of them! I guess he figured I had enough of them to share!

Watch how this gal with 8 o’Clock Sun makes these adorable little people in her step by step tutorial and go gather up those socks you’ve been hanging onto!


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