Watch How She Uses Pallet Wood And Adds Chicken Wire For An Awesome Purpose!

Watch How She Uses Pallet Wood And Adds Chicken Wire For An Awesome Purpose! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I desperately needed some type of container or shelf to hold some specific items and love the rustic country look to mix in with my rustic decor. When I ran across this tutorial I saw that it would cost next to nothing to make and decided this was perfect for what I needed!


Chicken wire doors add a unique charm to this beautiful wood cabinet. I’ve got a thing for this type of rustic look…so much appeal!

This was the perfect shelf for all of my essential oils I’ve been collecting. I’ve been keeping them in various places and they all needed to be consolidated in one place. It was making me crazy to have them here, there and everywhere! There’s always a solution when it comes to DIY projects, right?

This can be mounted on any wall of any room in your house, as it would make a charming spice rack, knick knack shelf, or bathroom cabinet. This is a great addition to a shabby chic decor. I painted the one I made a light blue and sanded it to give it a nice vintage look.

I saw one made with an old drawer on Pinterest so you can also do this same project with an old drawer, by adding shelves, so keep that in mind.

Watch how Homsteadonomics does this in their step by step tutorial and add some more storage space to your home!

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