How to Make Quilted Frogs

How to Make Quilted Frogs | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you haven’t ever gotten around to making these, this is the perfect time to get busy doing so. They make the greatest gifts and it will soon be the season for gift giving! If you love quilting but don’t always want to start a new full-blown quilt, here’s an easy gift idea that is too cute for words. I use my leftover fabric scraps and start making these in the summertime when it is too hot to go outside, then have lots ready come Christmastime for those last-minute gifts I always need to have around.


In the attached tutorial she shows you how to make your very own frog, a great activity to make with kids, to introduce them to sewing machines or to hand sewing, or simply as a project for yourself.

Once you start though you’ll find it difficult to stop! Whether you’re an adult or a child, you’ll love having these cute little guys sitting in your home, adding a pop of color and some cuteness.

They make great gifts for baby presents too! Although, I know many people, including myself that would swoon over these. Most of us love anything that is quilted, especially these cute little frogs!

And if you really want to make these sentimental, cut up some of your children’s clothing, that hold so many endearing memories, and make some of these darling frogs.

Therefore, if you’re into recycling and DIY ideas, this cute little DIY frog will show you that you can turn your children’s clothing into toys they will love.

Watch how this gal with Jordan Fabrics makes these darling little frogs in her step by step tutorial.



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