How to Make a Quillow with a Twist

How to Make a Quillow with a Twist | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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A Quillow is a quilt that is turned into a pillowcase when folded. It is a reversible pillow that is fluffed using a fleece blanket. SewVeryEasy on YouTube shares with us this straightforward Quillow tutorial.



  • 1 ½ yard Fleece blanket
  • Quilt fabric
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Cloth iron
  • Pins


Prepare all the materials needed.

Fold the fleece blanket to the size of the pillow you want.

quillow making materials
Image credit: SewVeryEasy on Youtube

Using the tape measure, measure the length of your folded fleece blanket and add 1 inch to the measurement. In this tutorial, the pillowcase length was 18 inches plus a 1-inch allowance, which equals 19 inches in total.

For the second measurement, place your measuring tape around the pillow as shown and add another inch allowance. For this tutorial, it measured 33 inches plus 1 inch, which equals 34 inches. The pillowcase tutorial measurements are 19″ x 34″ in total. Cut pieces of fabric that measure 19 inches by 34 inches.  Fold the right sides together and sew a quarter inch all the way around the fabric, leaving five inches open to flip the fabric right side up.

After sewing, turn your fabric right side up and press it neatly with a cloth iron.

For the five-inch opening, you can either stitch it with the sewing machine or hand stitch it. Take the two ends of each fabric and fold them in the middle. Press the fold using a cloth iron. Take your folded fleece blanket and find the end that doesn’t have a fold. Turn your fabric over and place it on top of the folded fleece blanket. Pin the fabric in place on the end of the fleece blanket that doesn’t have a fold. Unfold your blanket and remove the pins.

how to make a quillow with a twist
Image credit: SewVeryEasy on Youtube

Pin the fabric over the fleece blanket, but leave an inch from the edge. Sew the fabric all the way around, leaving a good amount of space close to where you started stitching. Next, fold the blanket as you did at the start, place your hand on the opening and pull the whole quilt into the pillow.  Then, turn over the flaps of the fabric and turn them over on the other side.

There you go, you have made a Quillow!

How to Make a Quillow with a Twist

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