27 Quick Sewing Projects To Make In Less Than 5 Minutes

27 Quick Sewing Projects To Make In Less Than 5 Minutes | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

These quick and easy sewing projects are perfect for sewing beginners or experts. You can keep these handy, easy DIY projects around your home or use them as the perfect homemade gift to give a hostess or your loved ones. Either way, these sewing tutorials are useful for everything from nifty storage ideas to DIY home decor.


27 Sewing Projects You Can Make in 5 Minutes

Whether you’re a sewing beginner or a DIY project tackler extraordinaire, these sewing ideas will be a breeze and only take a couple minutes of your time!

1. 5 Minute Bread Bag

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Cute Sewing Ideas - Sewing Under 5 Minutes - DIY Gift Ideas #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Next time you’re invited to a party bring some homemade banana bread dressed up in this beautiful DIY bread bag.

2. 5 Minute Pillow

via ramblingrenovators

Easy Sewing Projects | DIY Pillow Tutorial #sewingideas #sewingprojects

DIY pillows don’t have to be complicated. All you need is the right fabrics and a little know-how to create an easy homemade pillow in 5 minutes flat!

3. Five Minute Fabric Flowers

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Sewing Ideas for Women | How to Make Fabric Flowers #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Liven up your DIY home decor or your other sewing projects with these adorable fabric flowers.

4. 5 Minute Kleenex Holder

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Quick and Easy Sewing Ideas | 5 Minute Crafts #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Don’t waste your money on tiny Kleenex packs. Make your own with this easy sewing tutorial!

5. 5 Minute Toddler Leggings

Via howdoesshe

Easy Sewing Projects | DIY Clothing for Kids #sewingideas #sewingprojects

If you’re a fan of upcycling and DIY kids clothing, this sewing tutorial is the perfect project for you to tackle. And the best news it’ll be ready for the kids to wear in just 5 minutes!

6. 5 Minute Blackout Curtains

via honeybearlane

Sewing Ideas for the Home | DIY Blackout Curtains Tutorial #sewingideas #sewingprojects

DIY curtains are a huge money saver, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a time saver too! Try your hand at this easy blackout curtain sewing tutorial.

7. 5 Minute DIY Gift Card Holder

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Sewing Projects for Beginners | Ideas for DIY Gifts #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Lots of people ask for gift cards these days, but giving them doesn’t have to feel so informal. Make this easy gift card holder so you can give your loved ones what they want but give a little DIY gift with it to make it feel just a little more special.

8. Easy-Sew Ruffle Apron

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Easy Sewing Ideas for Women | DIY Apron Tutorial #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Keep your clothes clean with this beautiful, ruffled DIY apron tutorial.

9. Refashion: From a Scarf to a Kimono

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Upcycling Ideas | DIY Clothing Sewing Tutorial #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Upcycle an old scarf into a DIY clothing piece to be proud of with this cute sewing idea!

10. Recycled T-Shirt Tote Bag

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Upcycling Projects | DIY Tote Bag Sewing Ideas #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Turn those old t-shirts just lying around collecting dust into useful homemade bags you can use on the run.

11. Infinity Scarf in 5 Minutes

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Sewing Ideas for Clothes | DIY Infinity Scarf Tutorial #sewingideas #sewingprojects

This DIY infinity scarf is the perfect fashion accessory to help tie together any outfit.

12.DIY High Waist Bikini

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Easy Sewing Projects for Women | DIY High Waist Bikini #sewingideas #sewingprojects

This DIY clothing hack gives swimsuits a high-waisted vintage feel!

13. Chapstick cozy

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Sewing Projectsfor Teens | DIY GIft Ideas #sewingideas #sewingprojects

When we think of storage ideas sometimes we overlook the little things…like chapstick tubes! Make this DIY chapstick holder to add to your keychain for easy access.

14. Bookmark in 5 Minutes

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Sewing Projects for Beginners | Easy DIY Gift Ideas #sewingideas #sewingprojects

When it comes to easy sewing projects, it doesn’t get any simpler than this. In fact, you could probably make this one in 2 minutes if you

15. Quick & Easy Sunglasses Case Pattern

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Quick and Easy Sewing Ideas | Free Sewing Pattern #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Keep your sunglasses protected with this simple sewing tutorial.

16. Skillet Handle Cover

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Sewing Patterns for Free | DIY Skillet Handle Cover #sewingideas #sewingprojects

This easy kitchen project is not only a cute sewing idea but also an easy way to add to your kitchen decor.

17. Ribbon Belts

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Simple Sewing Ideas | Creative DIY Clothing Projects #sewingideas #sewingprojects


Use this DIY accessory tutorial to go along with all your other DIY clothing ventures!

18. DIY Headbands

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Fun Sewing Projects for Girls | Easy DIY Headbands #sewingideas #sewingprojects

19. DIY Maxi Skirt

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Cute Sewing Ideas for Women | DIY Maxi Skirt Tutorial #sewingideas #sewingprojects

This DIY maxi skirt might just be the easiest DIY clothing tutorial you ever make!

20. DIY Lace Cuff Watch

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Sewing Projects for Gifts | DIY Jewelry Tutorial #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Who knew DIY jewelry could also involve an easy sewing idea? Make this timepiece with this easy sewing tutorial.

21. 5 Minute Boo Boo Bag

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Sewing Projects for Kids | DIY Heating Pad Tutorial #sewingideas #sewingprojects

This DIY heating pad/cooling pad sewing tutorial is great for keeping your kids ailments in check easily.

22. Vintage Button Curtains

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Sewing Patterns for the Home | DIY Curtain Tutorial #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Perhaps you inherited a large jar of buttons from your grandmother or just collected them over the years. Either way this tutorial for DIY curtains also includes creative things to do with old buttons!

23. 5 Minute iPhone Charger Case

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Sewing Projects to Sell | Easy DIY Charging Station #sewingideas #sewingprojects

This easy sewing idea keeps your electronics off of cluttered countertops and busy floorspaces. Get the free tutorial here.

24. Quick Change Corsage Necklace

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Easy Fabric Flowers Sewing Ideas | DIY Necklace Tutorial #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Make these fabric flowers to easily interchange colors and patterns to match your clothing on this DIY jewelry.

25. Skirt from Men’s Button Down Shirt

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Upcycling Project Ideas | DIY Sewing Tutorial for Women #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Upcycle an old mens dress shirt into a skirt with this simple sewing idea.

26. DIY Cloth Napkins and Napkin Rings

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Easy Sewing Ideas for the Home | DIY Kitchen Ideas #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Match your dining room colors or make seasonal DIY home decor with this easy sewing tutorial for napkins and napkin rings.

27. DIY Cord Keeper (Free Pattern!)

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Free Sewing Patterns | DIY Charging Station Accessories #sewingideas #sewingprojects

Get a free pattern for this easy sewing tutorial to prevent all your cords from tangling.


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