Quick Method for Binding

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Image by Jordan Fabrics via Youtube


If you need to finish a quilt project immediately, this quick method for binding by Jordan Fabrics on Youtube will be a big help. This will surely lessen your working time, and you’ll be able to meet your deadline. Once you get used to this technique, you will never go back to your old process. Watch the video below for detailed instructions.




  • ruler
  • rotary cutter
  • fabric for binding


Step 1:

Cut your 2 and 1/2 inch binding strips. To make a long strip for binding, sew them with a small seam allowance, and small stitch length, trim the seams and iron them open.

Step 2:

Take the long strip to your iron board and iron it in half.

Step 3:

When sewing your binding, don’t sew at the beginning. Leave 6 inches from the edge. Match the raw edges of the binding and quilt. Sew a little bit bigger than a quarter-inch seam. Just set the binding, do not stretch it.


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Step 4:

When you are getting towards the corner, about a quarter inch from the bottom edge, stop stitching and back tack. Turn your quilt, and fold your binding to a 45-degree angle outside the quilt. Fold it down towards the quilt, aligned with the raw edge.

Quick Method for Binding Tutorial
Image by Jordan Fabrics via Youtube


Step 5:

Continue sewing with a quarter inch on top of that fold with a quarter-inch seam allowance then once you reach just a quarter of an inch away from the edge, flip it and sew on the other side.  Do the same for the other sides until you reach where you started. Sew the ends together before binding so it.

Step 6:

Pull the seam open. Turn the binding to the back and stitch to the ditch. This means you are going to stitch where the two fabrics come together. On the corner, you want them to be at a 45-degree angle.

Quick Method for Binding Sewing
Image by Jordan Fabrics via Youtube


Quick Method for Binding

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