Watch How She Makes This Clever Multi-Purpose Rack By Recycling Plastic Bottles!

Watch How She Makes This Clever Multi-Purpose Rack By Recycling Plastic Bottles! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I’m amazed at all of the clever DIY projects people are doing with plastic bottles and it would never occur to me to make what she does in the attached tutorial. I think it’s brilliant!

I love how she painted polka dots on the bottles and trimmed this organizer up, making it colorful! She makes it cute and pleasing to the eyes so it doesn’t just look like plastic bottles. It’s very innovative.


I love makeup and if can be fun and very useful, but storing it is not as much fun. There are so many little things like lip gloss, mascara, concealer, lipstick, and Q-tips that it can be almost impossible to keep everything organized and not scattered on your vanity.

Hopefully, this DIY plastic bottle organizer will prove to be a solution to your messy countertop! I love makeup hacks that make life easier by bringing some organization into the mix, don’t you?

Storage bins designed for makeup are expensive and take up tons of room, this way you’ll be able to save space while saving money, too!

I’ve seen so many great organizing DIY’s on Pinterest that there’s absolutely no reason to run out and spend a bunch of money to get your stuff organized. When you can make something this easy and cute, why would you?

Keep in mind that this multi-purpose rack can be used for things other than your makeup accessories.  This would be great to use in a sewing room or even to put nuts and bolts in to organize your work bench!

Watch and learn how Arnee makes this cool organizer in her step by step tutorial.


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