Patchwork Denim Shoulder Bag Tutorial

Patchwork Denim Shoulder Bag Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: smilesfornicole


Want to sew something new and unique? Try this patchwork denim shoulder bag tutorial by smilesfornicole on Youtube. I am obsessed with the outcome of this sewing project. It is very creative and definitely worth the try! What are you waiting for? Get your old jeans or denim fabric scraps and start sewing.




  • denim fabric scraps
  • rotary blade or scissors
  • ruler
  • chalk
  • fabric for lining
  • 0.4-inch zipper


Step 1:

Using a ruler and chalk, measure 2 in by 2 in squares on the fabric scraps. Then using a rotary blade cut all of the squares. You can use a pair of scissors but the process will be much easier with the rotary blade. For the strap make a different fabric with just one denim and long rectangles instead of 2-inch squares, use the back and front side to make the patchwork.

Step 2:

Start assembling your denim fabric. Make sure to use different colors of denim to maintain the uniqueness of the fabric. Start with strips and then using an iron press the seams open. Once done, sew the strips together.

Step 3:

Cut the pattern of the bag from the patchwork denim fabric and fabric lining using these measurements.

Patchwork Denim Shoulder Bag Tutorial Instructions
Image by: smilesfornicole


Step 4:

Before sewing the pieces together, serge all of the edges for a finished look. Start with the lining and pin the body of the bag to the side piece. Find the center of each piece and line both centers before pinning. Then sew it together. Once one side is done, pin and sew the other side but leave a four-inch hole in the middle.


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Step 5:

Do the same process you did on the lining with the denim pieces. Once done, sew the zipper. Find the center of the fabric to match the center of the zipper.

Step 6:

For the strap, press the edges and fold it in half. Press using iron and sew a straight stitch to secure it. Once done, give it a final press.

Step 7:

Attach the ends of the strap to both sides of the zipper. Then grab the lining with the right side out and with the right sides together, slip the lining into the bag matching the edges before pinning. Then sew everything in place. Once done flip them right side out from the hole of the lining.

Patchwork Denim Shoulder Bag Tutorial DIY
Image by: smilesfornicole

Step 8:

Trim the excess from the insides and sew the hole from the lining.



Patchwork Denim Shoulder Bag Tutorial

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