What She Makes With Denim Scraps Is An Item That Everyone Will Covet!

What She Makes With Denim Scraps Is An Item That Everyone Will Covet! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I finally found a great item I can use my old denim jeans for and I have light, dark and medium colored jeans that I don’t wear any more, so it will be the perfect contrast.

This is a great bag for weekend get aways. It’s the perfect size to put everything in that I’ll need for a weekend. I got tired of carrying a suitcase and wanted a nice large soft bag to put my things in.


She uses a great looking sturdy fabric to make the duffle bag in her tutorial, but I chose to use her pattern, but I pre-sewed my patchwork fabric out of denim to make my bag. I’d seen a patchwork bag like this on Pinterest, but the only tutorial that I could find wasn’t as clear as the tutorial I’ve attached in this post.

I have already been on a weekend trip and carried my new duffle bag…I just love it and I’m so glad that I made one. It’s much easier and I’d always wanted a duffle bag, so now that I have one I’m pretty proud of it!

I had my initials monogramed on my duffle bag in white and the contrast looks cool on my denim patchwork fabric!

Watch how this gal with BAGABONN makes this awesome duffle bag in her step by step tutorial.

Photo Credit: Craftbrulee



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